Republicans here in Tampa spent months planning their biggest political party before the general election but there’s missing delegates and governors from gulf coast states watching Isaac closely. Monday’s events were scaled back but by night fall we’re told things will resume as scheduled.

Downtown Tampa is ready for the RNC but so far business owners like Dan Bavaro say they’ve seen more security than visitors. “Not too many crowds in the past couple days I’ve seen a lot of police and military roaming helicopters etc.”

Sources tell us the decision to continue the convention is made day by day and even hour by hour. Republicans are concerned with appearing insensitive to the storm approaching the gulf coast.
Isaac brought wind and rain to Tampa.. but certainly not the worst case scenario organizers were prepared for.

Meanwhile protestors in downtown Tampa blame the bad weather on an underwhelming turnout.  Most were hoping this could have been one of the largest during the convention with more than 5 thousand protestors were expected.

 Inside the convention on Monday Republicans convened for a few minutes. Above the crowd they flipped on a national debt clock a reminder during the entire convention just how much debt the country is in.

So what’s next? GOP leaders tell us they’ll continue to monitor Isaac and change the tone and maybe even the schedule of this convention if it’s appropriate.